How To: Create a chopped off finger for film & theatre effect

Create a chopped off finger for film & theatre effect

This video deals with special effects used in movies or theater. The first tutorial deals with making a chopped off finger effect inexpensively. Start with some modeling wax and roll it into an upper finger shape. Next, you cut it to the desired length and paint the inside of each finger section red. Now, paint the outside of the finger with skin tone make up. The next step is to take a toothpick and poke a hole in the finger. Paint the hole so that it doesn't look very noticeable. You're ready to place the finger on your own bent finger now. Wet a plastic butter knife and you're ready to "cut off your finger". The next viewer video deals with how to make a "gore" chest. Start with liquid latex to make your sculpture. Add baby powder to keep the latex from sticking to itself. Now, use red acrylic paint to paint the blood on. Put the mold in the freezer to keep it from sticking to you then apply to your body with spirit gum or to your shirt with glue.

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