How To: Sew a hooded cloak or cape without a pattern

Sew a hooded cloak or cape without a pattern

This is a very thorough tutorial which shows you how to make a hooded cloak or cape without a pattern. All you need is five yards of your favorite fabric (pick something durable and sixty inches wide), then cut out some basic shapes and follow along the sewing tutorial

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Dude, did you watch this video before you posted? I love the concept, but you and your cape are off the screen for the most important parts!

Thank you! This video was very helpful. The only part that I might change is the video angle for the on the ground detail. I got most of it, and was able to deduce the part I couldn't see on the hood, but maybe if you remade the hood creation part it'd be even better. I also plan on making my hood more rounded and snug in the back, and also put in arm holes, as it will work best for my costume, with your video I can easily modify it. Thanks again!

eeh it was semi helpful because for me personal its not detailed enough and pleazzzzze lenghts in CM is stead of yard and inches

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