How to Do fairy princess or mermaid face paint

In this tutorial, we learn how to do fairy princess face paint. To do this, make sure you have paint brushes, sponges, a spray bottle, and different colors of paints. To begin, take your sponge and apply a base to your entire face. Next, draw the outline for the design you want to draw with the sponge and colors. Now, fill in the colors on your face, blending in with the sponge. Now, take a small brush and draw a dark line to make the edges more exact on your face. After this, draw an exact line of eyeliner with black on both lines, giving yourself a long cat's-eye. To finish this look, apply white paint teardrops on both sides of the eyes. When finished, you will have a unique princess face paint look perfect for parties!

Do fairy princess or mermaid face paint

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