How To: Fiberglass a Mjolnir armor mask from the Halo series

Fiberglass a Mjolnir armor mask from the Halo series

Interested in using fiberglass? In conjunction with the 405th, an online e-zine dedicated to Mjolnir Armor costuming for the Xbox Halo video game series, this tutorial shows you a step by step process of how to layer fiberglass on the inside of a costume mask. Materials needed include latex gloves, respirator or ventilation mask, fiberglass resin, fiberglass cloth, scissors, and a foam brush. Be sure to give up the cash for a great ventilation mask... some of these materials can be toxic to your lungs!

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hey great stuff! I really appreciate at least one good video on the web. but can you please either make or direct me to the video on how you make your blue head cast? thanks a lot!

theres a program called picara or something like that in wish you can download the blue pirnts fro the whole armor, once downloaded you just have to print the parts and follow thi intruction into pasting them together

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