How To: Make a Gatling gun arm costume

Make a Gatling gun arm costume

Backyard FX is back just in time for Halloween with this video tutorial. This how-to video shows you how to replace your an arm with a motorized gatling gun! Make a cool movie or the best Halloween costume in town! All for less then $35 dollars. You will need six cardboard shipping tubes, a sheet of scrap foamcore, a cordless screwdriver, a film canister cap, an L-bracket, plastic tubes, a plastic bucket, a roll of friction tape, a 1" by 3" scrap of wood, a scrap of wooden dowel, and a skateboard wheel. Watch this video wardrobe tutorial and learn how to make a Gatling gun arm costume, whether for a movie or Halloween costume.

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Sweet. Its cheap straightforward and looks semi realistic. Good job!

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