How To: Make a Pilgrim costume

Make a Pilgrim costume

Whether for a boy or a girl, a Pilgrim costume is one of the easiest costumes to make.
You Will Need
* A basic black outfit
* Black shoes
* Thick white knee socks
* Several yards of white fabric or felt
* Scissors
* Needle and thread, or a glue gun
* A white half-apron
* Four large gold buckles
* A top hat
* A plain black belt
* A 36-inch white shoelace

Step 1: Begin with black
Begin with a basic black outfit: An ankle-length, long-sleeve, collarless dress or a plain skirt and top for a girl, and a long-sleeve shirt and pants for a boy.

Step 2: Add a collar
Create collars out of white fabric or felt: Measure the wearer from shoulder to shoulder across their chest, then map out a rectangle on the fabric using this measurement as the height, and double it as the width.

Step 3: Cut it out
Cut out the rectangle and fold it in half towards you, horizontally. Mark a half circle along the fold approximately half the size of the biggest part of the wearer's head. Cut out this half circle.

Step 4: Cut a triangle in front
Cut out a narrow triangle at the front of the collar. Sew or hot glue this collar onto the top of the boy's shirt or the girl's dress or top.

Step 5: Accessorize
Cut three-inch wide white cuffs out of the fabric and sew or hot glue them onto the shirt sleeves.

Step 6: Buy some buckles
For a boy's outfit, get four large, picture-frame style gold buckles.Put one on a plain black belt, glue one on the front of each shoe, and glue one on the front of a top hat.

Step 7: Make a bonnet
Cut a 16- by 16-inch piece of fabric and lay it on a flat surface. Stretch the shoelace across the center horizontally. Affix it to the fabric with a few stitches or the glue gun. Fold the fabric in half twice so you have a square. Sew the side opposite the shoelace together; this will be the back of the bonnet.

Step 8: Don the bonnet
Shape the bonnet and use the shoelace to tie it under the chin. That's it! Now go find some turkey and cran

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