How To: Make a pirate costume

Make a pirate costume

Prepare for adventure on the high seas by making your very own pirate costume.
You Will Need
* A hat with a wide brim
* A stapler
* Black or brown drawstring pants
* An oversized white shirt
* Black or brown boots
* Costume jewelry
* A hoop earring
* A stuffed parrot
* An eye patch
* A toy sword
* A red bandana (optional)

Step 1
Fold the sides of the hat's brim so that they create a point in the front and staple the sides of the brim in place.

Wear a red bandana around your head underneath the hat.

Step 2
Cut the bottom the pant legs off just below the knees. Make the cut as jagged as possible, and pull at the loose threads to create a tattered look.

Step 3
Wear an oversized white shirt with long sleeves and a collar.

Step 4
Add a wide black or brown belt with a large buckle.

Step 5
Don a pair of tall brown or black boots to wear with the costume.

Step 6
Accessorize with costume jewelry, a hoop earring, a stuffed parrot for your shoulder, an eye patch, and a sword to give your pirate costume character.

Fact: In 2008 there were 293 pirate attacks worldwide.

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