How To: Make a Werewolf costume

Make a Werewolf costume

Don't wait for a full moon to unleash your inner beast. Get your growl on with these tips on creating the ultimate werewolf mask.
You Will Need
* Petroleum jelly or lotion
* A wig cap
* Gauze suitable for plaster work
* Plaster
* Hot glue
* A small sheet of craft foam, cut into 1-inch strips
* A needle and thread
* A spool of 1-inch-wide elastic
* 3 feet of sturdy wire
* Epoxy glue
* Craft foam blocks
* Scissors
* Pliers
* Paper clay
* White and red polymer clay
* Primer or sealer
* Black, red, and white acrylic paint
* Glossy epoxy clear coat
* Fake fur
* A utility knife
* Enough blocks of craft foam to cover your hands, feet, and legs
* Black tool dip
* Baseball batter's gloves
* 8 large craft foot claws or acrylic nails
* 10 medium-size craft finger claws or acrylic nails
* A pair of low-top shoes without shoe laces
* Thermal underwear or tights
* An old long-sleeve button-down shirt
* An old pair of jeans or slacks
* A helper
* An electric knife

Step 1: Make the cast

Step 2: Make a cast of your chin

Step 3: Create the headband

Step 4: Frame the snout

Step 5: Sculpt the snout

Step 6: Create the jaw

Step 7: Attach the jaw

Step 8: Frame and sculpt the ears

Step 9: Apply finishing touches

Step 10: Create teeth

Step 11: Prime and paint

Step 12: Cut out the fur

To cut the fake fur, place it facedown on a hard surface and use a utility knife.

Step 13: Attach the fur

Step 14: Shape the paws

Step 15: Attach the claws

Step 16: Make a pattern

Step 17: Attach the fur

Step 18: Make the arms

Try the suit on with the mask periodically to make sure the proportions are correct.

Step 19: Create the feet

Step 20: Shape the legs

Use and electric knife to cut and shape the foam blocks.

Step 21: Cut the clothes

Step 22: Finish the legs.

Step 23: Put it on.

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