How To: Style a synthetic fiber wig with boiling water

Style a synthetic fiber wig with boiling water

One of the drawbacks of synthetic, as opposed to human hair, wigs is that they can be difficult to style. Fortunately, while hair irons may be a no-go for styling synthetic wigs, you can get great results by submerging your wig in a container of boiling water.

This video tutorial demonstrates one of the many, many different ways to use boiling water to style synthetic hair. There are a lot of different types of synthetic wigs/extensions out there. Styling it this way is mainly for non-heat resistant hair, or synthetic fibers that are mixed with human hair. But you can still use it for high-heat resistant, and human-hair pieces too!!

As is mentioned in the video, if you aren't doing this for a wig and are just using this for extensions or a hair piece, you can just put a cup of water in the microwave until it's nice and hot. Once the water is hot enough dip the hair in the cup for a few seconds, and follow the same steps for drying/styling.

How long you leave the cup in your microwave depends on the microwave itself, but 5 minutes usually works. If it isn't hot enough just pop it back in there for a little longer.

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