How To: Make a Superman costume with Gianny L

Make a Superman costume with Gianny L

Superman is one of the greatest and most known superheroes out there. Developed by DC Comics, Superman has seen the world… as in comics, television, newspaper strips, video games, movies, radio serials, etc. See how to make a Superman costume in this video from GiannyL.

This DIY closet hack is simple and easy, and the Superman costume is great for any party, with minimal sewing skills required. Perfect costume idea for the male who can't figure out what to dress up as.

First, you've got to get the materials, which would be a simple blue Superman shirt with the Superman emblem, blue sweatpants, some pins, chalk, a sowing machine, a small elastic band, a larger elastic yellow band, and red silky type drapery. It shows that you first crease the red drapery around the neck of the shirt and apply pins, so that you may have an easier time sowing it.

Then, it shows you how to make the red underwear, or should I say "over" wear. You do this by outlining the shape with the chalk, then folding the cloth so that you will be cutting two pieces of the same shape. Sow those shapes together and you have the underwear ready.

Then, slit some holes where the belt should be and insert the white elastic band for size variance and add the "yellow belt".

Last, use the same process to make the boots, put it all together and you are now officially Superman!

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